About the goats:

I started out with 5 angora goats, 2 does (females) and 3 bucklings (young males). Angora goats are shorn twice a year, and produce mohair fiber. Mohair is a luxurious fiber with great sheen and strength. It's wonderful to dye, and can be used on it's own but also blends wonderfully with wool, alpaca and silk. I experiment quite a bit with blending my fleeces and produce batts, roving, millspun yarn and handspun yarn.

About the sheep:

After my experimentation with all the various sheep breeds I decided that I really liked to spin Finn and Shetland wool. So, I decided that when I was ready to expand my flock, I would look for those breeds. My first sheep were a pretty pair of Shetand ewes. I adopted them from a family that was downsizing their flock. They were my only sheep for a couple of years, and they lived happily with the goats.

Once I got some more substantial fencing up, I decided I was ready to get some Finnsheep. After some research I decided to purchase my first breeding pair from Harlequin Farm. I brought Skippyjon, the ram, and Lorelei, a ewe lamb home in June of 2011.

We had our first lambs in April 2012. Lorelei wasn't bred that first year, but Anna and Susie both gave me beautiful big single lambs, Atlas and Stella.