Q1. How many goats and sheep do you have?

A1. 6 Angora goats, 4 finn sheep, 4 finn/shetland crosses, a shetland, and a Romney Icelandic.

Q2. How long have you had the farm?

A2.The farm was launched in 2009 when I won the great goat giveaway

Q3 .Do you sell yarn and roving?

A3. Yes, in small batches, you can shop from here, and Etsy. Also available at the Vermont sheep and wool festival, and always at farm.

Q4. How often do you shear?

A4. Twice a year for the Angora, and a few of the sheep. The rest once a year

Q5. Why do you keep Llama's with the flock?

A5. I keep Llama's with the flock because they deter predators such as coyotes and foxes; and they bond with the sheep. Also should a predator enter the pastor the Llama will kick and spit at the them.

Q6. What's a harvest share?

A6. My share system is a little different than a typical yarn CSA, in that, I will only sell the Harvest Shares after the shearing is done and the fleece is in the bag. That way I know how much of each share I've got, so I can determine an appropriate amount of shares to sell; to ensure that all shareholders will get a good portion of yarn or roving so that it could be used for a larger project. There will not be leftover portions of shares. What comes back from the mill will get divided equally between all the shareholders.