Because I have a small flock, I like to keep the fleeces separated, and blend one mohair fleece with one or two fleeces from another fiber animal, be it wool, llama, alpaca, angora. I love finding the perfect fleeces for blending and spend alot of time experimenting.


All of my fiber comes from either my own farm, or the farm of another fiber friend in Vermont. All the fleeces are processed by Vermont mills. This is a 100% Vermont made product. Your purchase supports not only my little farm, but quite a few other small farms in the area. You'll always know which animals your yarn/roving came from, and could actually visit it, should you have the desire to do so :)

My share system is a little different than a typical yarn CSA in that I will only sell the Harvest Shares after the shearing is done and the fleece is in the bag. That way I know how much of each share I've got so can determine an appropriate amount of shares to sell to ensure that all shareholders will get a good portion of yarn or roving so that it could be used for a larger project. There will not be leftover portions of shares. What comes back from the mill will get divided equally between all the shareholders.

Harvest Shares will generally be available once a year, and announcements will be made on the blog, on the facebook group and on the ravelry group prior to being posted for sale.

I also sell roving, batts, yarn and other fibery goodness on my etsy site and at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival, with a fiber coop known as Good Fibrations. Of course, you can always buy straight from the farm, and meet the animals whose fiber you are purchasing.