Welcome to Gilead Fiber Farm, the home of my small flock of Finnish Landrace sheep.

This farm, which sits on a quiet hillside in central Vermont, got its start back in the Fall of 2009, when I won the Great Goat Giveaway http://www.fiberfarm.com/2009/10/the-great-goat-goat-giveaway-winner-finally-revealed. I am a long time knitter and had learned to spin yarn in 2007/2008. Spinning pretty much took over my life and I found myself madly buying every kind of fleece I could get my hands on. I looked around one day and realized that I could raise my own fiber, with 8 acres of pasture and a couple of barns already in place. That thought happened to coincide with the announcement of the Great Goat Giveaway, so I decided to enter. That was the event that changed my life.

I have endless gratitude to Susan Gibbs and to some 700 plus people who voted for my essay and for making it all possible. This has been the greatest gift of my life so far. I couldn't be happier to be running my small farm, caring for my sweet flock, and building new relationships thru them with people like you. Thank you for stopping by.

You can also find us on facebook and on ravelry, where I post as countryelvis4. Come join us!